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When will we be rid of the SNP?

  • Terry

    As an American I don’t know alot about this issue but the little i do know points to Sturgeon being a self-serving egotistical politician with no real knowledge of running a country, only of throwing a dummy out of the pram.

    Also that image used should not include two scottish flags. For the visting PM surely common diplomatic etiquette should dictate that one of them be the british flag correct?

    • Idreece Khan

      I agree, would say though I am not a fan of flag waving, there is a difference between being patriotic and being a nationalist. Nationalism is an idiotic ideology, lines on maps don’t solve problems.

    • Agreed Terry, she is a very opportunistic politician with very little care for Scotland beyond her own aims and ambitions.

      Also yes diplomatically, and just damn common courtesy, one flag should indeed be British, but noone ever said Sturgeon was a decent person.