When will we be rid of the SNP?

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Yesterday it was the oil price which was the main reason for Scottish separatism, today it is Brexit, tomorrow it will be something different. Make no mistake whatever the outcome of the E.U. referendum was the SNP would have found a way to play politics, in order to divide Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom.

I for one am sick to death of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Their game playing is so blatantly obvious it beggars belief how anyone can fall for it. These people are the worst kind of populist demagogues. They want to see Scotland separated from the U.K. They will play to the gallery to make it happen, never mind what is genuinely in the interests of the Scottish people.

The SNP’s record in government which we never seem to talk about is appalling. The Scottish education system used to lead the world, now Scottish schools are failing behind the rest of the home nations. Indeed, this follows into higher education where the richest students are 3.53 times more likely to attend university than the poorest ones.

The number of Scots in absolute poverty has risen significantly since the SNP came into power. Life expectancy in Scotland is now two years lower than anywhere else in the U.K. Despite the fact that NHS spending per head is higher in Scotland than the rest of the U.K. waiting times in almost all areas are going through the roof. In almost every area where the SNP has devolved responsibility they have failed the Scottish people miserably.

Yet they get away with this because they have won the war on rhetoric and they have been given an easy ride by the media. Let us get one thing clear, the question on the ballot paper during the E.U. referendum was “Should the U.K. remain a member of the European Union”. Nowhere did it state should Scotland vote to remain in the European Union. This is pure and simple nationalism, to accept the narrative that Scotland voted for Scotland to remain is to play into the hands of the nationalists. Indeed, the majority of my house voted to remain, should we be allowed to hold the rest of the country to ransom?

Even on independence, we have allowed the SNP to sell this as some sort of struggle for the freedom and liberty of the Scottish people, against an evil oppressive tory England. This could not be further from the truth. The Scottish people are valued and respected members of the United Kingdom, two of the last four British prime ministers were born in Scotland, and scots have consistently taken up roles in the highest echelons of government, business charity and pretty much any area of society you can think of. We should be calling this the separatist movement not the independence one.

Tony Blair and new labour get a lot of unfair criticism however this whole situation is a legacy of the decision to allow for the creation of the Scottish parliament. The SNP have used this as a symbol of nationalism and they are now using the machinery of government to play politics. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the problems above have been deliberately concocted by the SNP to blame “tory austerity”.

The behaviour of Nicola Sturgeon and her merry band of dim wits has meant that a second referendum is now inevitable. It is no accident that they are asking to hold it at a time which would cause maximum damage to the U.K. (including the people of Scotland). Theresa May cannot say no if Holyrood passes a motion for the referendum. Her strategy must be to delay it until after the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations. I sincerely hope when the time comes the Scottish people will once again be wise enough to vote for a union which has been one of the most successful in all human history.

Idreece Khan


  1. As an American I don’t know alot about this issue but the little i do know points to Sturgeon being a self-serving egotistical politician with no real knowledge of running a country, only of throwing a dummy out of the pram.

    Also that image used should not include two scottish flags. For the visting PM surely common diplomatic etiquette should dictate that one of them be the british flag correct?

    • I agree, would say though I am not a fan of flag waving, there is a difference between being patriotic and being a nationalist. Nationalism is an idiotic ideology, lines on maps don’t solve problems.

    • Agreed Terry, she is a very opportunistic politician with very little care for Scotland beyond her own aims and ambitions.

      Also yes diplomatically, and just damn common courtesy, one flag should indeed be British, but noone ever said Sturgeon was a decent person.

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