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What possible future does the crisis stricken European Union have?

  • >>EU needs to do more to improve the economic and social development of youngsters across the continent who have been badly affected by the fallout from the 2008 economic crisis, most crucially in the countries of Greece and Spain.<<

    This. The fact we are still talking about the 2008 crisis 8 years later, shows the effectiveness of the union. These two countries, and others, were and are monetary dumping grounds. I think the EU needs to do more to punish corruption within its own union. Before thinking about more integration. And a military.

    The idea of "carrying on" is most likely. But it will be met with even more critical views.

    • Yep the union has been incredibly ineffective at resolving the dramatic effects of the economic crisis in numerous countries around the bloc. That must be the number one priority for the union before they can even comprehend the ideas of further integration.

      I read recently about the millions of euros given to Greece to help them deal with the large influx of migrants in their country. It is estimated that upwards of around 70 euros in every 100 was wasted and never made it to a project to help. That’s because there were numerous EU agencies and charities at work in the country and no-one knew who was in charge or responsible for what.

      Because the union didn’t bother to set out or organise a real system of control or leadership they lost millions.

  • Tony

    Another good article, detailed and interesting. Really starting to love this website.

    Keep it up

    • Thanks for the support Tony, we all appreciate it.

  • Roger

    I think we’ll most likely see the EU continue as it is for the most part with more integration occurring with very few countries, most will want to pull back slightly with the rise of nationalism taking hold across the continent.

  • Chris

    Implosion. it’s just going to fail miserably.

    • No I disagree. I think the Eu will continue, though with less integration, particularly considering th rising tide of nationalism in countries like France and the Netherlands.

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