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This government has gone backwards on education

  • As far as I’m concerned faith schools need scaling back not expanding. What happened to religion being separate from the state?

    Religion should not control education, the entire point of education is to expand the mind and increase knowledge.

    If schools are controlled, even to a small extent, by the beliefs of a religion then they are limited in their possibilities.

    We have as you say the ability to have a world class education, but where and how the government spend it’s money is mind boggling in its misplacement.

  • Idreece Khan

    Indeed, the country is going backwards on education. Both labour and the Tories have gotten this one wrong.

  • AlexB

    I think the Tories want to appeal to the “progressives” in the hopes of gaining their votes come election time. However, the progressives are all about multiculturalism and identity politics, focusing so hard on what makes people different that the things that can bring us together get lost in a mire of divisiveness.

    They think they are being inclusive. I fear they are raising the next generation of insular bigots.

    • Idreece Khan

      I think this is Theresa May dictating from the top without really understanding the issue, there is still time for a course correction though if enough of us resist

  • Luca

    The UK government has lost its way with education, to increase its appeal to minority voters it has put education on the back foot. we need more integration not less, splitting children apart based on faith will only further separation.

    • Idreece Khan

      Agree with every word Luca