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Theresa May has signed Jeremy Corbyn’s Resignation

  • Kyla

    His sad tenure as Labour leader is over, no question.

    • Kyla

      Also i expect there will be a Lib Dem resurgence and i think they’ll be taking some seats away from the Tories

      • Jamie Hall

        If they focus their resources fighting labour and the conservatives in strong remain voting constituencies then i think they have a good chance of a strong come back.

    • Will


  • james

    I saw so much leftist hate for this on the fb group and after reading the article i think they either didn’t read it all the way through or they’re too stupid to understand it.

    This article isn’t praising the tories it’s about asking who’s going to stand up against them when they win which current polls suggest they will and big too.

    • Jamie Hall

      Ah a man who understood, hope you enjoyed the read.

  • alan

    i don’t think he’ll quit, i think he’ll hang on like some incompetent limpet

    • Idreece Khan

      Yes Alan I agree it isn’t necessarily a given that he will immediately resign

      • i think if he doesn’t resign that just shows how out of touch he is with the general voter and how bad he is at reading the political stage, and not resigning will see another vote of no confidence.

        his core bunch of supporters cannot keep propping him up if they want to see another labour government. One way or another he will be gone shortly after this election.