The Cult of Celebrity

Thank you David Beckham for both showing us what a moron we all already knew you were and hopefully enlightening some of us on how shallow our society has become. The pursuit of titles and trophies has now trumped the pursuit knowledge and understanding. Too many of us believe success is defined by how big your bank balance is or letters before or after your name.

Those of us that are not like this, used to be able to ignore these people, believing them to be harmless boneheads. I mean lets face it Beckham has always been good at kicking a football, not so good a stringing together a sentence. These days however this shallow celebrity culture seems to be encroaching into our politics.

Every week I cringe when I see some know nothing celebrity mouthing off, given equal airtime to academics and intellectuals. A couple of years ago Russell Brand went onto newsnight and started urging people not to vote, blaming the “political class” for apathy. Anyone who understands these things knows this is an idiotic position to take. The appropriate response from the media should not have been to take him seriously. Instead he should have been more heavily lampooned and pushed to the back of the news agenda.

If we as individuals choose not to think about the bigger issues, beyond who is currently shagging Spencer Matthews and whatever else people who watch realty TV think about, then apathy is our own fault. Educating ourselves and waking up is our own individual responsibility. In the world we live in, all of us have access to the biggest library in human history, the internet. There is now no longer an excuse for ignorance. As a libertarian I do believe it is not our responsibility to force people to engage. Leave people alone I say but don’t blame people who do have ideas for your own apathy.

Emma Watson is another example of a know nothing celebrity being revered for her “political activism”. A term bandied about far to loosely. Again I cringed when she made her speech at the United Nations. Using the platform given to espouse nonsense. Anyone can stand up and say lets end violence against women, lets support world peace, lets start building space ships and go where no man has gone before. These are statements totally devoid of value.

No reasonable person could possible disagree with equality of opportunity and although many feminist’s say this is what they want, their actions speak far louder than words. Emma would have us all support “positive” discrimination including all women short lists. She would have tax payers funding childcare i.e. I am going to choose to have children which I can’t afford to support and want to be subsidised by others, including people who waited until later in life, women who picked better quality men, my ex boyfriends etc.

She would try to cripple men by insecurity, by telling them they are evil for having sexual desires, as if young men don’t have enough pressures on their shoulders. Don’t believe me check out the feminist reaction to a guy who sent a clumsy compliment to a women on linkedin. Instead of politely rejected the poor bloke, suddenly it is ok to publicly humiliate on top.

Emma would happily accuse me of “mansplaining”. A man with an opinion which is different from a women, this isn’t acceptable because of course I speak for all men and she speaks for all women. Better still some of her most hardcore supporters would have me censored and shut down, we need to turn Facebook into a safe space where anyone who disagrees with feminism isn’t allowed. It is only for intelligent women like us.

Although Emma has a piece of paper from a good university. There is a difference between being educated and being intelligent. There is also a difference between majoring in English and majoring in Mathematics. Emma is one of the growing group of educated fools and like Brand above is another know nothing celebrity.

The reaction of Hollywood actors to Donald Tumps presidency is yet another example of virtue signalling by celebs. These are people who are paid millions of pounds, live in gated communities and are totally out of touch with the people who put Trump in the white house. Other examples at home include Charlotte Church and Lily Allen. The former advising labour members to vote for Jeremy Corbyn during his leadership campaign and advising the Welsh to vote for Plaid Cymru during the national assembly elections. The latter taking it upon herself to apologise on behalf of Britain for the brexit vote. Apologise for what? for showing the rest of the world what a democracy looks like.

I could go on, thankfully we have a representative democracy designed well enough to keep these people out. However we must not underestimate the power these peoples words have on popular culture. The media should not be giving these people equal time to genuine commentators. When they do say stupid things they should be lampooned far more heavily. I do truly believe that when push comes to shove Britain is a sensible nation and my hope is that we do move away from this celebrity obsessed culture. I find it telling that all of these celebrities seem for the most part to agree with each and always seem to pick issues which are in fashion.

Idreece Khan

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