Political Correctness Has Indeed Gone Mad

Photo: Universal Human Rights Research Association

As you know I am both male and middle class. Thankfully I haven’t scored the hat trick and am not also white so my opinion as of yet is not completely banned. You know it is easy to pick on identity and claim victimhood. I can’t speak for the States but the fact is the United Kingdom is a reasonable country.

This is not to say that there are not individuals in society who are bigoted. No matter who you are there will be someone who has a problem with you, whether you are black, white, Muslim, Jewish, middle class, upper class, male, female or whatever else makes up your identity. However genuine bigots make up a minutely small minority and are not those in positions of power. The left has for their own reasons blown up the numbers. I would urge you all to listen to this conversation between Sam Harris & Douglas Murray who put this far better than I ever could.

It has now become taboo to challenge this collective victimhood the left has created. I had my first taste of this politically correct culture last week when I posted an article essentially stating I believe the gender pay gap to be overblown. As it happens there is no evidence beyond descriptive statistics to say there is a gap born out of discrimination. Therefore, my position is a legitimate one.

Although I expected to get some disagreement I was not prepared for the reaction I did receive. I had a couple of people call me a c**t. I had someone I have known for years attack me on her Facebook page and then delete me before I could defend myself. I had someone invite all my closest friends to an event and then purposely ostracise me. I had someone accuse me of wanting women’s ovaries controlled by men. I had my opinion misrepresented and then received the usual abuse from internet trolls. (I do have to say I did get a couple of people who disagreed with me but were able to hold a reasonable debate and not take things a personal slight).

This is what the left does, instead of engaging in reasoned argument they try to shut you down. The great contradiction is that they call other people racists, fascists and sexists when it is they themselves that could legitimately be described as these things. Question Islamic extremism and you are labelled an Islamaphobe when in fact it is Muslims who will benefit most from killing off this extremist strand of Islam. This is true racism where expectations are lowered for one group.

If you have an opinion which differs from the feminist world view you are accused of “mansplaining”, a sexist gender loaded term which somehow has become acceptable because it is aimed at men. I can only imagine the reaction I would receive if I started accusing every woman who disagreed with me of “womansplaining”. I imagine if it is even more difficult if you are a woman on the left to speak out against this type of language.

Being the nerd that I am, I am reminded of the scene in Star Wars episode three where Obi Wan realises Anakin has fallen to the dark side “Only the Sith deal in absolutes”. This is it really isn’t it, the word nuance means nothing to these PC morons.

The worst thing about all of this is that I received a lot of support and agreement for my views. Absolutely telling is the fact that this was all in private. People are now afraid to voice their legitimate opinions in public. This PC crazed society that has been created by the left has silenced people not by winning arguments, but via intimidation. I see this as one of the key reasons why the left across the western world is facing oblivion at the ballot box.

Idreece Khan

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