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Martin McGuinness dies: The terrorist who became a statesman

martin mcguinness
  • Ronald

    Hate the man for what he did but have to respect him for his role in disarming his old organisation.

    • jack

      Disagree, hate all the freaking way.

      If a man throws stones and you but then tells his friends to not do so do you forgive him? No punch the man in the face.

  • sophia

    Excellent obituary article, covers the man well without bias either way just giving us a good look at who he was and what he did. Love it.


    • Jamie Hall

      Very much appreciate your words Sophia thank you.

  • Keith M

    The only ‘good’ terrorist is a dead terrorist.

    • Keith M

      Also I never understand the mindset of people like that. Instead of killing people and causing terror to unify the island which most people don’t want to happen why not just go and live in Ireland for crying out loud.

    • Jamie Hall

      Regardless of personal beliefs about the man respect and thanks should still be given for the part he played in the peace process. The troubles could possibly have lasted years longer if it hadn’t been for McGuinness.

  • Phil

    A well written balanced article, What ever you feel about the man, you have to acknowledge that history tells us many men of violence become a vehicle for peace in later life.