Donald Trump didn’t break America’s democracy, it was already broken

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So I recently came across an article on The Independent with the headline “United States no longer ‘full democracy’ after Donald Trump election victory.” This was both a misleading title designed to get views and was also incredibly politically inaccurate, both of which should not be so for a publication which claims to be, well independent to any political influences.

For a start off the article’s headline suggests Trump’s victory is the reason for America no longer being considered a full democracy. And yet just a few paragraphs in we reach this quote from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a British based Think Tank; “The downgrade [in the US rating] was not a consequence of Donald Trump.”

Indeed the United States’ fall into the realm of what’s called a ‘flawed democracy’ has been in the works for a number of decades. The U.S. public has become more and more disillusioned with the out of touch political elites that sit in their ivory towers and think they know what life is like for the average American citizen for numerous years. For the public DC no longer represents them and when the elected politicians don’t represent the people the whole ideology of democracy is shaken to its core.

When you consider Trump’s victory with even a semblance of political understanding therefore it is quite clear that his victory didn’t create America’s flawed democracy but that it was instead a product of it.

Trump is a product of a disenfranchised nation beset by many issues that have been ignored and allowed to fester and worsen by an out of touch political class that is so self-contained it really only ever pays lip homage to the ideas of freedom and liberty.

So why are mainstream news outlets so keen to blame the decline of U.S. democracy on Donald Trump?

Quite simply they do so because it’s easy, and it’s a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a continued influx of readers who have no desire to do any research of their own. They’re lying to their readers in a sensationalised way to get views and spread more false information, the meaning of fact and fiction has become something of a blur these days within the media organisations, much to the detriment of their output.

Whether you love him or loathe him Donald Trump is not the responsible party for the U.S. descent into the democratic abyss, instead it is the doing of all of those who have come before him, and that is something all those leftist protestors need to remember. They call him the end of democracy because of his views. And yet democracy does not mean leftist views, it does not mean right wing views. Democracy is quite simply a form a government determined in some way shape or form by the will of the people.

Now without getting into the American system of election Donald J Trump was elected president by the voting public, making him a democratically elected individual. All of which means he is not a degradation of the US democracy, making all those articles discrediting him and calling him the killer of democracy nothing but a simple attempt to make us all hate and vilify him.

So while he may be the most un-diplomatic of presidents he is also a big wake up call to the capital and maybe, just maybe, he’ll force the political class to change and adapt to the needs and desires of the public they represent.

It’s possible to go further with American democracy and debunk the entire notion of them ever having been a democracy in the first place, but that really is an article for another day.

Jamie Hall

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