Foreign Affairs

All words, no action from the Vatican on migration

  • Terry

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame the vatican when entire countries, including Italy are barely lifting a finger to help.

    I guess the articles more about the church not backing up its words but when countries won’t do anything why do we expect the church too?

    I guess because it’s the church and it’s what they’re supposed to do but that’s never been the case before.

    • Idreece Khan

      Yes me and Jamie did have a little disagreement about this, we both support the conservatives in the U.K. who at the moment do not want to lift a finger so I didn’t agree we should attack the church. I guess the conservatives haven’t been ramping up the rhetoric on this as the Vatican has.

    • Indeed Terry, the primary point of the article is not the inaction more the empty rhetoric and the pointlessness of demanding things be done and then doing nothing themselves.